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5 Pro Tips For Working Remotely

5 top tips to working Remotely (And be productive). Lately, everyone has gotten a not-so-gentle shove indoors. And since I’ve been working remotely for five years now, many people have been asking me, how do I stay focussed? The truth is, you have to learn to work fluidly from home; a re-training of sorts. That […]
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Pros & Cons of Being a Digital Nomad

THE PROS AND CONS OF BEING A DIGITAL NOMAD Increased productivity, lowered expenses, plus improved morale?YES, PLEASE! Welcome to the life of a digital nomad. Given the advancement of communication tools and technology, it’s only natural that most businesses have evolved to include location independent talent.   Graphic from Native Script It's not just IT and […]
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5 Step Strategy For Startup Success

OUR 5 STEP STRATEGY FOR START-UP SUCCESS  When launching your own business idea, it's easy to get wrapped up in the hypothetical dream and glimpses of future success. However, protecting your OUTSTANDING piece of intellectual property is not as easy as we all want it to be.Actually, executing a great idea is every entrepreneur's biggest […]
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