Data Analytics & Transparent Reporting

Data Driven Insights Give Us Our Edge

If you made your way to this page then you most likely know a thing or two about digital marketing, and how it will benefit your business. Virtual high five! Now let’s talk stats: page insights, dashboard reporting, data trend analysis, website reporting...

Ok, so reporting isn’t typically the sexiest topic—until you get results! That’s why we’re all here, right? Hitting Google page one and conversion stats that make you go Mmmmm...

Content strategies, AdWords management, digital touch points, that’s all well and (very) good, but what about the numbers? Analysing the data and understanding what works, and what doesn’t, is an essential part of digital marketing. And that’s where Ponderlust shines!

Trend Analysis

No Set and Forget!

Our data experts will analyse the report metrics, set & check goals while testing the most effective content.  provide ongoing maintenance and adjustments when needed.

Our Analysts Will:
  • analyse website & report progress
  • measure and compare custom metrics
  • set and check goals
  • test the most effective on page content
  • Adjust to ensure ongoing success and improvement

I love business and I love figuring out business solutions—be it technical, strategic, or both! 

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